Crave a mentor? Maybe I can help…

I have often heard about people longing for a mentor, from people of every age. Adulting in the current era is complicated, and it’s easy to doubt if we’re on the right track. We are in a system that teaches us to rely on external validation, rather than trusting ourselves. My goal is to offer you a space to process the confusion and choose your paths from a clear and authentic space, rather than reaction.

I have experience, intuition, and training on a broad range of perspectives. I can revel in details while also holding sight of the bigger perspective. It would be an honor to help you identify your values and priorities, discover and dismantle limiting beliefs, and support you in authentically engaging in life according to your personal priorities in a way that feels fulfilling!

Humans, even the most introverted of us, are social creatures. We all need support. People need resources and guidance choosing between them. We need encouragement, accountability, help staying aligned with our values. I want to help you loosen the “shoulds” and judgments and fears and find satisfaction and authenticity in your life adventure.

What does mentorship look like?

My relationship with you will be unique, as every relationship between two people is different. We’ll look at your relationships to satisfaction, success, failure, responsibility, and enjoyment. We’ll consider aspects of your life you don’t feel so great about. We might look at why they bother you, what you’ve tried so far, and explore why those things haven’t worked. Sometimes success might mean shifting efforts, sometimes it’s about shifting our mindset. Through our work, your relationship to yourself, and happiness, may evolve. You may develop more clarity on who you are, and trust in yourself. Hopefully you will feel more freedom and choice!

Many coaching programs are 3-6 months, sold as a package. They try to hype you up and get your commitment (and money) from early motivation. While consistency can absolutely be helpful, I am not just here to see you through change and then leave you to flail; I am here to be with you through journeys, with varied frequency of contact customized to your needs. I leverage the relationship more than commitment. Maybe you need a check in or tune up session to reflect. I believe challenges need more reflection than accountability; your relationship to the changes you make needs to be your own, not beholden to an external financially imposed authority figure.

We will typically connect by videochat or phone at least twice a month. In between meetings, I offer support by email or mini check-ins via text, to provide continuity of support. If you decide some steps to take, I want to know how it’s going! If it doesn’t feel right, we explore, then course-correct; if it works, we celebrate!

What makes this different from therapy?

If you are interested in pursuing my support, reach out!

If you are unsure whether hiring a mentor/coach or therapy may be better for you at this time, please feel free to call me and we can discuss. 650-746-8929

Please note, while I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, as your consultant, I am not working under this license. If, in the course of our coaching work together, therapy support appears warranted, I will provide you with referrals.